Log Houses

We have many different standard log cabin designs, in various sizes from 18m² to over 200m². These beautiful round-log cabins are precision engineered and delivered as easy-to-assemble kits, complete with doors and windows.

Provisions can be added at the factory for easy local installation of plumbing and electrical works. We would also be happy to entertain custom requests.

The Manufacturer

Ritsu is well known globally as an engineering-oriented manufacturer of high-quality log houses, with over 4,500 homes delivered since 1991 to over 40 countries, including Germany, France, Japan, Korea and India.

Each individual log is kiln dried and CNC-machined to ISO 9001 standards in a CE-certified production facility, then impregnated and individually wrapped, separated by special bars to avoid damage in transit. As their local partner in the Philippines, Sustainable Solutions provides training by expert Filipino builders and full local support during construction.

Production Technology

All our logs are cut in winter, when the tree “sleeps” and its sap is not flowing. Each log is debarked and milled immediately, and then given 2-3 months to dewater in well-aired storehouses. Next the timber is dried in special drying chambers over 3-4 weeks, with the humidity of each log checked individually.

The logs are then turned and milled, using  special techniques to avoid warping or twisting. Custom grooving benches and milling machines are used to create the flat base surfaces, sharp edges, grooves, notches and “teeth”, ensuring perfect “click style” assembly, better insulation and thermal stability once assembled on site.

The finished logs are impregnated with agents to avoid fungal diseases, then individually numbered, wrapped and stacked for transport.


Ritsu is unique in that the technology used, and the machinery used in the production process, have been developed in-house by Ritsu’s own specialists. The synergy between the manufacturing of wooden houses and the engineering of the technology used in the process is the basis for the success of their wooden houses in the world market. CNC technology and the automated process enables them to reach high productivity with maximum accuracy and quality.

Food & Beverage Products

We carry a large variety of different food and beverage products. The selection available also varies seasonally. Please click on the sample product families below to view more detail from our Estonia-based suppliers, and let us know what you would like a quotation on. Also, if there is any particular type of product you are looking for and you don’t see it here, let us know!